Feasability and Opportunity Assessment

Through its use of appropriately qualified experts in marketing, information technology, building and construction, real estate, finance, transport, retail management, investment analysis and related skills Pinn Deavin can supply a comprehensive review of any project or concept’s feasibility.

Real Estate Development

You may require an initial feasibility review for any real estate development being considered including providing input into potential sale prices, town planning issues, construction costs, development funding and overall risk evaluation. We have the team that can help

Business Investment Viability

Pinn Deavin is regularly provided with different opportunities in terms of new or emerging businesses. These opportunities are at the high end of the risk scale generally however history shows that these opportunities are also where the highest returns can be made. On occasion the opportunities presented and reviewed by Pinn Deavin not only result in a viability assessment but also facilitate funding arrangements and/or development of additional resources to provide vital ingredients for increased viability.
A number of opportunities trace their fundamental success to bringing the appropriate people together.

Venture Funding

Pinn Deavin has a substantial number of long term clients who are sophisticated investors seeking above average returns and are prepared to accept a range of risk profiles within their individual investment strategies. In bringing like minded parties together Pinn Deavin is able to help in funding ventures that otherwise would be unable to be funded.
In accepting above average risk investors seek above average returns as it is inevitable that not all projects will be successful, no matter how well planned and conceived. Therefore any candidate for such funding must have the potential to generate substantial profits for the investors or it will not be considered.
Pinn Deavin or its associated parties frequently take a position in any such projects and any project that this does not occur in is unlikely to progress to funding stage.