Life Long Renters & Retirement

As reported by Kirsten Robb in Fairfax Media, Swinburne University has recently released a report highlighting the increasing number of people who are approaching, and in retirement, who are life long renters. The general expectation for a century has been that you work throughout your life to own your own home. This is so that…

Track your Profits

We all understand the commercial pressure derived from declining revenues, declining gross profit margins, wages push and aggressive landlords. The intuitive reaction must be to change. The famous football coach Wayne Bennett has been quoted to say when times are tough– “don’t get bitter, get better”! In my opinion, lessons derived from sport can often be applied to business.

When Things Go Wrong…

There are some common signs which may indicate that a business is struggling financially. I’m sure we’ve all walked into a business where you’ve sensed that things may not be travelling well. Typical indicators for businesses in retail could be gaps in stock on shelves, old or damaged packaged stock still on display, dirty or damaged fitout, flooring or lighting, lack of customer traffic, skeleton staff rostered on duty, demotivated or disinterested looking employees, etc.

But how do you know when your own business is potentially in trouble? In so many business case studies, proprietors can be in denial of problems which are right under their noses, even if they believe they have things under control. The top 9 indicators of business distress are: